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healthcare linen services miamiMedical Laundry Services South Florida

With patients at the heart of our purpose and our passion for quality, we know how important it is to make patients in your healthcare facility as comfortable as possible. From the care they receive to the gown they are offered, all details leave an impression and form a perception from your patients. Their experience starts well before they meet and speak to their medical practitioner, and our quality products and remarkable laundry services are there to help improve patient satisfaction.

As the industry-leading healthcare linen rental and laundry services provider, your local South Florida ImageFIRST team becomes partners with you for a customized and remarkable experience. With locations nationwide, we serve thousands of medical practices and facility each day. We’ll collaborate with you to optimize your inventory for gowns, apparel and healthcare bed sheet in Miami, FL.

Locally, the South Florida team services cities ranging from Miami and including Fort Lauderdale FL, Hollywood FL, Boca Raton FL, West Palm Beach FL, and more, covering the coast from Palm Bay, FL to Port St Lucie, FL or Delray Beach FL and Pompano Beach, FL. We provide the softest fabrics to help with your care to your outpatient medical facility. You’ll see a number of benefits that are offered through our linen and laundering services.

  • healthcare laundry services boca raton flA dedicated Customer Advocate who partners with you in managing your inventory to ensure you have what you need to handle your ever-changing patient load.
  • Peace of mind with AssuranceFIRST: our Triple BioShield Protection® process goes beyond industry standards of hygienically clean by removing 99.999% of common pathogens, individually-wrapping patient gowns, and sheets and towels that meet our “Bright White” standard.
  • Comfort for your patients with quality linens and gowns that are hand-sorted to ensure they are free of stains, tears or missing ties and snaps, as well as our cozy Comfort Care® premium patient apparel.
  • The best value through proper inventory management, easy-to-read invoices and most of all simplified flat needs-based billing.

Healthcare Linen Services Miami, FL

Through our healthcare services, we help you focus on delivering the quality of care your patients are relying on. We have a complete product line of medical apparel and garments, from uniforms and bedding to patient gowns in Fort Lauderdale, FL and beyond.

Our sole focus is on the healthcare industry, so you know you are partnering with experts. Our product line includes:

  • Patient Apparel: Individually-wrapped gowns and robes for every procedure, practice and patient, including the plush Comfort Care®Line of patient robes and gowns, which has been proven to increase a patient’s favorable perception of a facility by upwards of 50%!
  • Staff Apparel: We provide you with lab coats, warm-up jackets, scrubs and surgical gowns, and nurses uniforms in Miami. We’ll also provide storage solutions for your inventory.
  • Bed and Bath Linen: Hygienically clean and soft towels, blankets, bed sheets and mattress pads that are individually wrapped and sanitized for increased infection prevention.
  • Microfiber Cleaning Solutions: A complete line of multi-purpose mop heads, buckets and frames.
With our plant in Miami, we are able to provide services from Fort Lauderdale FL, Hollywood FL, Boca Raton FL, West Pam Beach FL, and beyond, covering cities on the coast like Port St Lucie, FL, Delray Beach FL, Palm Bay, FL, and Pompano Beach, FL. Find out how a partnership with ImageFIRST will lead to a more positive perception of your facility and greater patient satisfaction.

What Customers Are Saying About Us

"ImageFIRST excels at customer service. They work hard to adjust our quantities to meet the demands of the facility. Our linens arrive on time, are clean and are carefully returned to our shelves. On the occasion we have a lot of patients in one week, we just make a phone call and someone from ImageFIRST will deliver linens that day."

Jennifer B., The Neuro Spine Center, Lancaster, PA

Your Partner In Your Success

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