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First Look: The New ImageFIRST ScrubVAULT System

Posted by ImageFIRST on Jan 25, 2018 2:35:20 PM

When you’re focusing on patient care, it’s easy to overlook linen management. And before you know it, you could be missing scrubs that your staff members need. This, unfortunately, results in shortages and costly replacements.

“Scrubs are a challenge for many health systems and surgery centers,” explained Jay Juffre, vice president of operations and national service director of ImageFIRST. “It costs a lot of money to replace missing scrubs, and there is no accountability. It’s an issue administrators are tired of having to manage.”

You shouldn’t have to worry about keeping track of scrubs. That’s why ImageFIRST is here to help. We have created the ImageFIRST ScrubVAULT System to help medical staff easily and quickly access their scrubs, while allowing you to keep an accurate record of your inventory.

What is the ScrubVAULT System?

The ScrubVAULT System is an easy-to-use locker that stores, dispenses, and tracks distribution of scrubs. It gives staff members full visibility of inventory and usage, so they will always know how many scrubs are available. The locker opens with a code that is unique to each staff member.

Keeping Track of Scrubs
UHF RFID technology, which is already used to monitor medical equipment at most healthcare facilities, helps staff members keep track of where their scrubs are at all times. At ImageFIRST, we implement a UHF RFID chip in all scrubs.

The ScrubVAULT System leverages UHF RFID to:

  • Keep track of how many scrubs were taken
  • Monitor which sizes were taken
  • Identify who took the scrubs
  • Show when the scrubs were returned
  • Provide real-time information

“The ScrubVAULT System is unique because unlike other systems, it doesn’t rely on weight, so the machine can’t be tricked,” Juffre states. “Each scrub top or pants is unique to us, and each has a specific chip, so we know who took what and if it was returned.”

With this system, medical staff will have full transparency of inventory and usage so that scrubs inventory can be better managed – so you don’t run out!

Inventory Management

The ScrubVAULT System, in addition to our other programs and services, is designed to help medical staff focus less on inventory so they can prioritize patient care. With this system, it’s simple to keep track of individual scrub usage so that your ImageFIRST Customer Advocate can help you proactively manage your inventory.

We understand that managing linens, such as hospital patient gowns, at your Hollywood, FL, medical facility can feel like a monumental task. Fortunately, with the ScrubVAULT System and our other linen inventory management services, we can make sure you always have the inventory you need, right when you need it.

To learn about how the ScrubVAULT System can help make your scrub inventory issues a thing of the past, or to order bed sheets for healthcare in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and surrounding areas, contact ImageFIRST by calling 1-800-932-7472 or visiting